Dragos Ionescu is a freelance portrait photographer and photographic assistant based in London, UK. Dragos was born in a fairly small city in Romania where there aren't many opportunities for artists to grow and prosper. In 2011 he immigrated to London to study and pursue a career in this industry. In November of 2016 Dragos graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in 'Photography' from University of East London. 

Through his work he seeks to create narratives by bringing to life mysterious characters whose backstories are left to interpretation and to place the viewers in certain atmospheres through composition, light and colour. His photographic approach is cinematic and moody as he draws inspiration from mediums such as cinematography and painting. 

Dragos is available for freelance and commission work. Some of his photographs can be purchased as prints, please use the Contact form to make an enquiry.


Published in: Sapte Seri Romania #865 | Digital Camera Magazine #175

 Featured on: 500px ISO | PetaPixel | PetaPixel Photography Podcast | theChive | theprintspace


Work exhibited in:

"Craiova In Imagini, 1st Edition" (Oct 2009) - Town Hall, Craiova, Romania
 "#Salgadogram" (Jul 2015) - Curzon Bloomsbury, London, U.K.
"Surface" (May 2016) - Old Truman Brewery, London, U.K.
'"AOP Student Awards 2016" (Aug 2016) - Theprintspace, London, U.K.
'"AOP Awards 2016" (Oct 2016) - Old Truman Brewery, London, U.K.